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Language file organisation

J!TrackGallery language file are organised in such a way that Translation strings (keys) are not duplicated in different files. J!TrackGallery also offer an additionnal translation file dedicated to the user website. This file is created at install and never upgraded by Joomla: this is the place where you can put your own translations which will remain after J!TrackGallery upgrade.

File list (the suffix language en-GB is used for default english language):

folder/file-note usage
/administrator/components/com_jtg/language/en-GB/ en-GB.com_jtg.ini component admin (back-end)
/administrator/components/com_jtg/language/en-GB/ en-GB.com_jtg.sys.ini Joomla admin
/components/com_jtg/language/en-GB/ en-GB.com_jtg.ini component front-end (website) part
/components/com_jtg/language/en-GB/ en-GB.com_jtg_common.ini translation keys common to admin and website part
/images/jtrackgallery/language/en-GB/ en-GB.com_jtg_additional.ini (see note) additionnal translation: file not erased upon J!TrackGallery upgrade

TODO add missing plugin and modules language files

In any case the priority in language file is defined by the loading order as follows:

  • Front-end or Backend selected language file
  • selected language com_jtg_common.ini
  • selected language com_jtg_additional.ini is loaded last; making it the highest priority (overriding other translations)

Note for developpers original file is located at /components/com_jtg/assets/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_jtg_additional.ini. During (first) install (and only at install) this file is copied to /images/jtrackgallery/language/en-GB/ en-GB.com_jtg_additional.ini

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