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Additional Translation

The additionnal translation file

The additionnal translation file can be modified in the admin of J!TrackGallery This file remains at:
/images/jtrackgallery/language/en-GB/ en-GB.com_jtg_additional.ini
If you use several language on your site, consider creating as many file as language (with corresponding language tag).
Its important to note that this file is never erased upon J!TrackGallery upgrade (it is created at install)

Why using additionnal translation
  • setting up a multi language website with custom categories and terrains
  • simply customising some translation
custom categories and terrains

J!TrackGallery accept language keys in some text fields (categories and terrains items and description). If your website use multiple languages; and if you use uncommon categories you can use additionnal language file for your translation.
Suppose that your categories contains “snow board” and “boat” that J!TrackGallery did not implement. just define these categories and corresponding descriptions using JTEXT keys:


(*) We recommand starting any JTEXT keys with the string COM_JTG that could be a requirement in future Joomla version.
Translate these strings in additionnal.ini files (one for each language)

COM_JTG_SNOW_BOARD_DESCRIPTION="Describe the snow board category here"
COM_JTG_BOAT="Boat trip"
COM_JTG_BOAT_DESCRIPTION="Describe the boat category here"
simply customising some translation

Some translation may be unadapted to your need. For example, the default translation for category bicycle is givne by the key:


You can modify J!TrackGallery translation by adding this key and your translation in additionnal.ini file; for example.


This translation (additionnal.ini file) will override default J!TrackGallery translations. It will remains permanently. It will not be erased at the next upgrade.

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