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Plugin JtrackGallery


The J!TrackGallery plugin displays a track inside any website Joomla content such as article.

Using the plugin

Plugin JtrackGallery was introduced in 0.9.21, but not revealed to the communauty because it was only used for testing. This plugin will be named JtrackGallerymap in future 0.9.22 version.

IF you installed 0.9.21, please uninstall the plugin (not the package, only the plugin) before installing 0.9.22

Using the plugin

  • First activate the plugin in the administrator plugin manager section
  • than add a tag in any article such as the one below:
  • {JTRACKGALLERYMAP} gpxfilename=sample_woodhead_reconnaissance.gpx, map_width=100%{/JTRACKGALLERYMAP}


  • Each parameter value pair must be separated by a comma.
  • Each parameter value pair must be written such as : parameter = value with or without space(s) before and/or after the equal sign).
  • Most parameters are optional; however it is mandatory to provide at least one track id or one track filename
idid=4hte id of a track (can be retrieved from administrator files list)
gpxfilenamegpxfilename=eiffel_tower.gpx the filename including extension of the GPx file
map_widthmap_width=100% map_width=800pxthe map width specified in % or px as in J!TrackGallery component (use % as pourcentage of the map container)
map_heightmap_height=100pxthe map height specified in % or px as in J!TrackGallery component

Map height and width

The maps height can be specified in:

  • J!TrackGallery component (default values)
  • JTrackGalleryMap plugin (these optional values override the previous ones)
  • Plugin call: these optional values if provided override previous ones)

Usage restriction

JTrackGalleryMap plugin cannot render multiple maps in an article. This feature could be added later.


When maps are not rendered, JtrackGallery plugin issues a notice (page header) as well as an error message in place of the map.

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