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Backend Access

By default, only admin and superuser have backend access. Using J!TrackGallery component, backend acces can be extended to authorized users. In most situation only one group may have backend access to only one (some) component(s). Usefull information can be found in this Joomla forum: * Give a group access to a single component in the back end

How to grant backend access

In this section, we explain how to authorize jtg_BE group user's for backend access to J!TrakGallery component.

  • Go to Users→groups→add new group
  • Create a new user group. Choose a name refering to the component like jtg_BE and set its parent to Public.
  • Go to Site→Global Permissions→Permissions, open up the permissions for this jtg_BE group, “allow” the permission “Admin Login.”. This allows the user to login in backend
  • Go to Users→Access Levels, edit “Special,” and add jtg_BE group to the Special access Level. The admin menu is shown only to those under the access level Special. (special users are all users excepted public and registered)
  • Go to Users→Users manager. Edit the users you want to add to jtg_BE group, and add them to this group.
  • Go to Components→J!TrackGallery→Configuration , open up its options (upper right , menu default settings) and go to Permissions. Open up the jtg_BE group to see the permissions assigned to this group. Add the permissions (allowed) you want to grant to jtg_BE. It is not recommanded to grant the manage/configure permission This one should normally be restricted to administrators and superusers
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