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Upload & import


While in frontend, tracks are uploaded and imported in J!TrackGallery in one process.
Multiple tracks import is only offered in backend.


The tracks (Files) menu offers two link (upload / import) which in fact relates to 3 possibilities:

  • upload and import (default behaviour)
  • upload tracks (without importing then into J!TrackGallery)
  • import tracks (from the previoulsly uploaded tracks)

Upload: gpx and kml tracks are uploaded and saved in an import folder for later processing. The import folder is /images/jtrackgallery/uploaded_tracks/import
Import: gpx and kml tracks present in the import folder are moved to their final location /images/jtrackgallery/uploaded_tracks and registered in J!TrackGallery database. This allows for mass import of tracks.

uploading tracks fron Backend menu

When uploading tracks in backend, the import form has checked box to automatically import the track.
You must uncheck this box if you only want toi import multiple track and import them all together later.

uploading from ftp

You can also download tracks using your FTP client (Filezilla) to /images/jtrackgallery/uploaded_tracks/import
You will then have to 'import' them in J!TrackGallery using the corresponding backend menu.

Importing tracks

Importing in J!TrackGallery relates to registering previously uploaded tracks in database.
Importing multiple tracks at once fasten the process. You can preselect all track parameters (categories, terrains…) which will be applied to the serie of tracks imported.

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