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Default Map and Overlays

This feature was introduced in 0.9.22 version

The idea

The idea behind this feature is as follows:

  1. one may define a default map (OSM for example),
  2. that can be override by a category maps (browse bike track using OSM Hike and Bike for example)
  3. but this can be override for a particular track (use the french IGN geoportal for atrack in France)
default map, default overlays

For each track representation,

  • one default map is used
  • one or several default overlays can be used
How to set default

Default values :

  1. are defined in maps configuration(*) (these values are used as long as no other default override this)
  2. can be defined in category configuration (this override previous values)
  3. can be defined in single file/track configuration (this override all previous values)

(*) default map is the first published maps in the ordered list

Overlays defined with visibility set to false

If you defined a hillshade overlays in the map list, this layer is probably hidden by default (visibility set to false) because most overlays are not defined worldwide and should only be used in specific area. If you define this overlay as a default overlays, it will bet set visible automatically for the corresponding categories or tracks.

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