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Styling and overriding styles in J!TrackGallery

J!Track Gallery implement style override. Every default style (sheet, images) provided with the components is first loaded an then J!TrackGallery search for optionnal style sheet provide by user. We strongly encouraged users to not modified style sheet provided and save inside the component folder structure. Your modifications will be lost at the next J!TrackGallery update.

J!TrackGallery main style

J!TrackGallery can support multiple style implementation. At present time, only a 'default' style is proposed.It is located in folder components/com_jtg/assets/template/default/

  • If you intend to make minor style modifucations, consider overriding
  • If you intend to developp your own style, copying and modifying the default style is a good start. If you have developped you own style, please think at contributing : your style can be implemented in future J!TrackGallery release.

J!TrackGallery main stylesheet is used for mostly all pages generated by J!TrackGallery and is located :

Item folder/files
components stylesheet components/com_jtg/assets/template/default/jtg_style.css
overriding style user_templates_folder/css/jtg_style.css (*)

(*) user_templates_folder depend on your Joomla install, templates, …it is located somewhere under /template folder. TODO give default beez… folder for overriding

J!TrackGallery maps style

This stylesheet contains default maps style provided bvy Openlayers. It is used for rendering maps in Front-End. You can :

  • override the stylesheet, in that case do not forget to provide/modify image referenced in your overriding stylesheet
  • override only OpenLayers images folder(All images contained in original ol_images folder must be present with the same name in the overriding folder)
  • override both style and OpenLayers images folder
Item folder/files
component style sheet components/com_jtg/assets/template/default/jtg_map_style.css
corresponding images components/com_jtg/assets/template/default/ol_images
overriding style user_templates_folder/css/jtg_map_style.css (*)
overriding images folderfolder location must be user_templates_folder/css/ol_images ! Do not modify images names, these are used by openlayers and can't be modified.

OpenLayers Button generator

Marc Jansen has written a Python script OpenLayersButtonGenerator to generate icons to be used within OpenLayers-applications. This script published under BSD License. It requires python and inkscape.

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