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Stylesheet Templates and CSS files

CSS files

J!Track Gallery use two css files:

  • jtg_style.css used for back-end styling
  • jtg_map_style.css used for map rendering

FIXME add Openlayers images override

J!Track Gallery component comes with a built in template feature. Both CSS files (jtg_style.css, jtg_map_style.css) are save in the folder template:

  • /components/com_jtg/assets/template/default
  • /components/com_jtg/assets/template/templatename

The default template folder is simply named default (/components/com_jtg/assets/template/default) FIXME Template feature is currently implemented in J!Track Gallary but not used. Only the //default// template has been written

Contribute to J!Track Gallery development  
If you wrote some template for your website, 
please consider donating your stylesheet. 
This one could be included in a next release of the component.  

How to write my own templates

  • locate default css files
  • copy to your_template_folder
  • modify according to your needs

override style with user templates

J!track Gallery styling is probably not suited to your website. Some minor change must be made to change some color, font… Do not modify /components/com_jtg/assets/template/*.* files. Your styling will be lost on next J!Track Gallery upgrade.

J!Track Gallery provide a template override so that jtg_style.css and jtg_map_style.css can be overrided with

  • /templates/…your_template_folder/css/jtg_style.css
  • /templates/…your_template_folder/css/jtg_map_style.css

Where your_template_folder is located somewhere under /templates folder, depending on yout style, theme, template When using the Beez 20 template, these files should be located at:

  • /templates/beez_20/css/jtg_style.css
  • /templates/beez_20/css/jtg_map_style.css

These latter files must simply contains those styling that may be overrided. Overriddind offer two main advantages:

  • Overrides should remain active after the next J!Track Gallery upgrade (excepted if div/span are renamed).
  • If your websire offer multiple templates, which can de modified by user, you can provide multiple override (one for the default template, one for the silver template…)

override not working ??

  • Some style are provided by external Javascript. If those javascript are excecuted after the stylesheet loading, javascript styling override all other styling.
  • Joomla use file caching to speed page loading. If you modify some style, consider cleaning cache (Admin panel) to render new style.
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