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Managing Maps

maps list

Map or Overlay

Maps are the base layer rendered by openlayers.
Overlays are additionnal layer displayed above a map in order to add specific information such as hillshading, national park, private area, statistics, building… All layers defined in the JtrackGallery “Maps” tab can be configured to be a Map or an Overlay.

Default Map

Openlayers display only one map at a time.
The first Map listed in the backend is displayed by default.

Future version could implement a more complex default maps feature.


Multiple overlays can be rendered/superposed at a time.
Older version (⇐0.9.16) where displaying non configurable Hillshade layers. This has been removed in 0.9.17; You should replace these hillshade by a new overlay defined in the backend Maps tab.
Some Hillshade Overlays are restricted to one continent so that we recommend to set these overlays visibility to false.

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