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This page will explain how to use SEF URL with J!TrackGallery
When activating SEF URL you may sometimes loose original URL and become unable to browse J!TrackGallery pages. Whatever your SEF URL are, you will always be able to browse pages using the original URL given here.

Original (NON SEF) URL

topicURL (URI)
GPS Tracks/index.php/en/component/jtg/files/list
Add tracks/index.php/en/component/jtg/files/form
My Tracks/index.php/en/component/jtg/files/user
Update track/index.php/en/component/jtg/files/form/4
Delete track/index.php/en/component/jtg/files/delete/4
one category tracks
single track

Enabling SEF URL in brief

You may want to remove the component name component/jtg from your URL to obtain:

This is done by first enabling SEF URL.

  1. Configure J!TrackGallery url

Important: Not all URL are converted to SEF URL. SEF URL intends to enhance referencing. For that reason, only those URL directly related to categories and files (tracks) are converted. URL are not translated for forms used for files and categories (upload new, delete, modify…)

Hiding Component name in url

This is simply obtained by creating a menu item (or tree of items) to the component. If this menu item is not needed (not ued in Menus) you can hide it. The alias you give the menu will appear in the URL. The procedure hereby given replace the component name by mytracks

  1. Create a new menu item
  2. For the menu type choose J!TrackGallery Overview-Map
  3. For the menu alias choose mytracks
  4. For the parent link, choose whatever feets your need (Choosing some menu intitled hiking, the overview-map URL will be http://mydomain.tld/hiking/mytracks/)
  5. All J!TrackGallery component URL will be based on the overview-map URL.

Configure J!TrackGallery url

The procedure given before should give URI like /traces/cats/default when browsing categories.
You may prefer something like /traces/categories. This is simply obtain by definif a menu related to

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