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 === Secure HTTP === === Secure HTTP ===
-Coming soon!!+Sometime you may need secure access to your website: https://​​tutorials/​joomla/​joomla-administration/​1506-dealing-with-ssl-mixed-content-in-joomla. This may concern the whole website, or only some pages. As an example, this is recommended for pages containing a login form.  
 +== Using non secured URL with secured content ==  
 +By default, most website use non secured (http:\/\/) URL. However if one page has a login form, Mozilla will complain saying that: //Password fields present on an insecure (http:\/\/) page. This is a security risk that allows user login credentials to be stolen.// (see https://​​en-US/​docs/​Web/​Security/​Insecure_passwords) 
 +The solution is to use secured (https) URL for all contents (all included css, js....) 
 +However if one content is not available as secured (in our case Hike and Bike maps URL are not secured) , the non secured content is loaded instead and the browser also complains about security issue.  
 +In both cases, a warning massage is issued by the browser at least the first time the page is browsed. In most browsers, you can bypass the warning message by granting permissions to the corresponding website, or saying this website is a trusted website. ​  
 +== JTrackGallery >0.9.29 and HTTPS==  
 +In order to create as less issue or warning when browsing a page with J!TrackGallery:​  
 +  * all Google Bing and other map providers providing secured pages have been switched to https 
 +  * all URL non offering secured URL have been switched to Protocol-relative URL: https://​​2010/​the-protocol-relative-url/​ they are converted to  
 +    * secured URL if the main page is secured 
 +    * non secured URL if the main page is non secured 
 +== HTTPS and JtrackGallery installed before 0.9.29 ​== 
 +Updating to JtrackGallery ​ >0.9.29 will update most URL excepted some contained in J!TrackGallery configuration parameters (stored in the database). If you installed JTrackGallery lower to 0.9.29, you must switch Bing and Google maps to https yourself. Go to JtackGallery admin / maps and change http to https in corresponding maps configuration. 
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