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Frontend access level

Frontend access can be configured in administration main configuration for:

  • Front-end authorized groups for uploading tracks
  • Front-end authorized groups for deleting tracks
  • Enable tracks download for user(s) (none, registered or all)
  • Restriction on file displayed in list and overview

Notice: For deleting tracks, a user must be authorized to upload AND to delete tracks.

Be aware of the fact that administrators and superusers are generally not belonging to registered usergroup. Authorizing registered users to upload and to delete tracks, Superusers and administrators are not authorized for uploading and/or deleting in frontend as long as they are not also belonging to the registered usergroup.

Restriction on file displayed in list and overview

TODO COM_JTG_TT_MENU_RESTRICTEDFILES=“Display files to which the user has no permission in overview and track list? These tracks are identified (*) by <br>a yellow padlock for files viewable by registered users, <br>a red one for files viewable by administrators, or an orange one for Private Files. <br>Attempting to browse such a track without permission the user will get a warning message and no map.<br /><br />(*) depending on the template<br />Selection = No: no restriction, all files are listed.<br />Selection = Registered: all files are listed only for registered users. <br />Selection = Private: all files are listed only for private users. ”

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