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This tempory page may help you migrating from Injooosm.

November 10th 2014: The current page must be refreshed to account for fields changes in some tables.

  1. The migration process (importing injooosm data) is not yet written however you can proceed this way :
  1. Move injooosm uploads folder (/components/com_injooosm/uploads) content to jtg upload folder (/components/com_jtg/uploads)
  2. rename or copy /images/injooosm to /images/jtg (already content your images)
  3. Tables have been renamed from *xxx_osm_yyy* to *xxx_jtg_yyy* so that you may simply transfer content from injooosm tables to jtg tables excepted for 4 minor changes:
    1. table *#jtg_cats* (former *#osm_cats*) field `parent` has been renamed to `parent_id` (to comply to J2.5 naming)
    2. table *#jtg_config* (former *#osm_config*) field `gid` was of type integer and is now of type VARCHAR( 150 ). Field `gid` save the access rights (ACL) parameters: users who can post tracks in front end. ACL are completely changed with J2.5 so that upgrading this parameter is not so straightforward. leave this parameter as it was in injoosm; and go to the admin part/config to redefine and save access rights ).
    3. a new tables *#jtg_users* is used to save *user_id (id), osmlat, osmlon, osmvisible* which where fields added to *#users Joomla table*.
    4. and these fields (_osmlat, osmlon, osmvisible_) have been renamed to _jtglat, jtglon, jtgvisible_ in the new table.
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