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These page lists all licenses used for J!TrackGallery: .

  • J!TrackGallery component license
  • Alternative code used and included in J!TrackGallery Component
  • Other code called and used by J!TrackGallery

You may read and agree these licences before using J!TrackGallery. If you are using J!TrackGallery on a commercial site, some license may require fees.

J!TrackGallery code License

J!TrackGallery is licensed under the GNU/GPL3.

Original codes comes from joomGPStracks developped by Pfister Michael licensed under the GNU/GPL2.

It was then renamed injooosm and maintained by Christian Knorr and published under GNU/GPL2 license.

Category icons

J!TrackGallery category icons are licensed under the the Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA

Other Codes License

This table lists licenses of the codes that are included and used in J!TrackGallery components

Code/module included License
jQuery v1.10.2 (Free for non commercial use only)
jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin v1.48 MIT License
jtg_getTilteURL js source GNU/GPL V3
JonDesign's SmoothGallery v2.0 GNU/GPL V3
MooToolsMIT Style License
Highslide 4.1.13License (Free for non profit organization, school, personal website)/ this code is not used if images gallery is not used

External codes used by J!TrackGallery

This table is a list of external codes called or used by J!TrackGallery

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