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J!TrackGallery ChangeLog

changelog codes

  • New: new features
  • Fix: Code fixing, error correction…
  • Rem: Removed feature
  • Imp: Improvment

Feature to add, Bugs to fix

Switch to Openlayers 3 (require a lot of development) 
Add Area (as a track sub-category) 
Add Area filter and category filter on track list

next version (available on Github, not yet on update server)

Fix: Cannot download .gpx maps Server error (incorrect Content-Transfer-Encoding)
Fix: SQL error when logged user browse track list
Fix: Special characters (') in title and description (tracks, categories) where not escaped
Fix: Default displayed maps incorrectly set (not accounting for unpublished maps)
Fix: PHP7.1 compliance

0.9.27 (March 8 2017

New: Unpublished track are visible to owner
Fix: Track list can be browsed by category

0.9.24 (November 11th 2016)

New: add an introductory text to be displayed on overview page, under the J!TrackGallery menu  (new parameter) 
New: track uploader name used instead of username (login)
New: Track list included in <div style="overflow-x:auto;"> to be more responsive
Fix: Googlemaps/Openlayers2 issue (jtg now uses a builtin modified openlayers.js file)
Fix: overview popup link <H2> format removed (single track)
Fix: multiple category track breaking backend
Fix: SELECT users list duplicate users on Joomla 2.5
Fix: Track access level revisited (were partially implemented)
Fix: Missing icons “edit” and “delete” on page “My tracks”
Fix: Additional translation strings added by users“ not working
New: Add a confirm dialog box when deleting track in frontend
Fix: unauthorized user was able to delete and update track
New: Add a "Front-end authorized groups for deleting tracks" in main configuration
Fix: Pagination not working for filtered (by category) list

0.9.23 (June 9th 2016)

New: Add ability to hide gps-info (below elevation chart)
Fix: Unable to add new category 
Fix: Unable to add new map
Fix: plugin fullscreen size 
Fix: J!TrackGallery change J3 template width
Imp: Pace can use Time Format/decimal format in count the time tool
Fix: pace fields not created in #__jtg_cats table (at new install)
Fix: Under Joomla 3, backend import does not work if only one file to upload
New Dutch translation (thank to Alexander van Bruggen) and some partial translation too

0.9.22 (January 10th 2016)

New: J!TrackGallery plugin for adding a track/map in any article/page.
New: default map and overlays can be configured in frontend (track default)
Add: disable feature for animated cursor on tracks
Add: enable auto centering for maps with animated cursor
Imp: add english translation for those string non translated on Transifex (useful for J!2.5)
Fix: overview issue (when tracks are displayed on overview)
Fix: WP icons won't disable
Fix: Bing Zooming Issue (automatically change BingApiKey)

0.9.21 (nov. 29th 2015)

Add: pace on "count the time" tool (when pace is activated)
Add: roundtrip waypoints geocache and tracks icons in frontend track list (can be disable)
Fix: spanish translation issues
Imp: database track parameter are now refreshed each time track is browsed
Imp: Some translations moved from backend to common language files


Add: pace chart(#speed) in min/km or min/miles (common unit for trek and running) 
Add: print button on track
Add: chart background, elevation, speed, pace and heartbeat colors are now configurable
Fix: table ordering not working in some J3 templates

0.9.19 (october 12th 2015)

Fix: Fixed default ordering causes SQL error
New: Removed untranslated language key in non en-GB files (translation is now done on
New: Added level on frontend track lists, and Level sorting capability in backend
New: Level can be represented by icons (used in frontend tracks list)
New: Backend configurable icon max height (only for tracks list)
New: Frontend tracks list: hits and users column(s) can be hidden

for using level icons see: manual

0.9.18 (September 18th 2015)

New: Adding Spanish language templates files (copy of english ones)
Fix: JA TechZone Bootstrap template issue (misplaced J!TrackGallery menu)
new: Track list default ordering (configurable in backend/configuration/default settings)
Fix: German language files errors

0.9.17 (September 5th 2015)

new: add possibility to download original (only J!TrackGallery converted files before)
new: add "Hike & Bike Hillshade" overlay to maps (configurable in backend)
Fix: Modified Hike and Bike link to new tile server
Rem: Hillshade disable option (use layer visibility or disable layer instead)


Fix: quoted trackname bug
New: Elevation filtering
Fix: maps not displayed for quoted trackname


0.9.15 (version number actualised)
0.9.15 fixed: eldomondo gpx file improperly read;
new feature: disable hillshade
0.9.14 fix access level wrong at import
Fix $document->addStyleSheet and $document->addScript path issues
Fixed: kml download file format
   Fixed: front-end download button not working


0.9.12 fix pathing issues, download issues
Implemented: image gallery {} in description
Add: max number of points per track in config
xmlreader for gpx files (2/2)
fixed: uploading gpx file without track generates error.
Fixed: openlayers Bootstrap issue with Vertex base template
Code rewritten for parsing waypoints (gpx file)
   GPX file parsing improved usung XMLReader


0.9.10 fixed Maps name lost when upgrading maps in backend
   0.9.9 package
   Improved: package install / uninstall
Moved Image gallery folder
Added some sample Images in gallery
   ... pagination styling
Added: pagination style for Joomla 3.5
Added frontend pagination styling
fixed: translation key, text input stripping whitespace
bugfix: thumbscreation failed


0.9.8 version
New: added popup clustering in overview+ javascript code moved to js file
fixed somme issues arising from wrong code styling
implement jtrackgallery package (component + 2 modules) manifest
Added modules mod_jtrackgallery_stats mod_jtrackgallery_latest
fixed some typo errors
add language translation keys, option to disable J!TrackGallery credit
Improved GPX multitracks import (tracks description added)
coding standard: fixed all IF statement
coding standard: added Class and function comments
Coding style: function comments
Joomla coding style: add function doc comments
Fixed; display J!TrackGallery installed version in backend
Frontend Coding style improved
Add gpl-3.0.txt (licencse) and Readme.txt
Code cleaning + deprecated js removed
Fixed : javascript popup character encoding (accented character)
backend import tracks: extract title and description from kml GPS tracks
add title and description to kml file import (extracted from kml file)
Import: modified random number for track duplicated filename
backend import: add a replace button for duplicate tracks (existing filename)
backend import: improved kml import
fixed: typo


Fixed: 0.9.5 upgrade bug
   RC 0.9.5
fixed backend translate tabs height
Fixed and improved back-end translate menu (J!2.5 and J!3.x)
fixed: category select list with parent category
fixed: checkall button for J!2.5 and J!3.x
fixed tinymce call generating notice
fixed level select in back-end
fixed: improper description saved in backend (quotes were added to description)
replace old db->query by db->execute
implemented Joomla plugin Gallery (non JtrackGallery) for displaying images
Joomla 3.x compatibility: fixed admin/files and admin/maps issues, add tooltips to backend lists
Fixed: J!3 backend configuration menu, suppressed Zoom_level resizing on fullscreen switching
Fixed Joomla 3 backend table row alternate color
correct simple typo error
size of ordering input text resized in J3.x
code cleaned: non "Strict Standards" code removed
Fixed calculation of time to complete a track (decimal separator now accounted for)
Add helper text in 'difficulty level' configuration tab
Add/improve user templates support in Maps (geoposition, overview...)
Changed Openlayers default css theme URL
Fixed some translation key
Fixed : impossible to desactivate mousewheel zoom on maps
fixed: frontend usage/display of nested categories
Fixed: multiple upload of image (for gallery)
upgrade: upgrade to to comply with mootools 1.3 (JD2 no longer maintained: should be suppressed)
kml support: improve track extraction from kml (name, title not yet used in J!TrackGallery)

0.9.1 (May 15th 2014)

fixed overview error when using quote in text (categories,
new feature: implemented disable terrain display in frontend fixed frontend usage/display of nested categories
fixed: overview maps won't display when description html string is truncated
Enhance: geoposition page
New feature: hiding terrains in front-end (not fully implemented)
fixed: forms not working after upgrading code to comply to Joomla 3.2
enhanced: multiple tracks import form in backend (preselection)
Fix: forms not working after upgrading code to comply to Joomla 3.2
fixed : API KEY and maps parameters uncorrectly saved
fixed: overview crashed when description contains html tags

0.8 (April 6th 2014)

0.8 version: 
access rights fixed in Frontend and Backend
Fixed access rights, improved translation
Add comment rights (partial), add joomla code styling

TODO review below changelog.


1st commit with Eclipse (test)
version 0.7.8:  more correction for Joomla 3
version 0.7.8:  removed Joomla 3 deprecated JHtml::script() and JError
version 0.7.6-r2:  fixed install scipt databse error (after failed install)
version 0.7.6-r1:  1st Joomla3 version (for testing)
version 0.7.6-r1:  add translation in charts, fixed image loading at track upload
version 0.7.6-r1:  First step toward Joomla 3.x µ+ fixed images not loaded when "add track"
version 0.7.6:  First step toward Joomla 3.x
version 0.7.5-r3:  gpsclass rewritten:
version 0.7-r3:  KML file support, fixed frontend rights management error
 version 0.7.'-r1:  Fixed 0.7.4 won't install
   version 0.7.3-r7:  Fixed charts and stats for GPX files containing multiple tracks
version 0.7.3-r6:  French translation, implement multitrack charts
 version 0.7.3-r4:  Image resizing at Upload revisited, delete thumbs upon image deletion, remove unused version 0.7.3-r2:  Added geottaged thumbnail, and thumbnails upgrading after config (max_height) change (tested in Font-End and Back-End)
version 0.7.3-r2:  Highslide Gallery implemented, thumbnails generation on images upload added (need thumb upgrade feature on size change and new thumb height parameter in config)
version 0.7.2: 
ACL working, external js scripts upgraded, images gallery raw display working
ACL rewritten (not tested), fixed geoposition display
fixed back-end maps ordering
move additional language outside component, add translation for categories and cat descriptions
version 0.7.1.r3: fixed back-end toolbar menus, missing images
version 0.7.1.r2: fixed minor bugs, tests for installuninstall script
version 0.7.0.r5: Overview improved (style/icons), geoposition corrected, unused fields map_type and mapversion 0.7.0.r4: JTEXT strings in category description corrected
   version 0.7.0.r3: Openlayers images customized, JTG_maps style override implemented
version 0.7.0.r2: reorganised language files (without translations)
version 0.7.0.r1 : dispatch language string in 4 language files (part-1)

0.7 (October 9th 2013)

   version 0.6.12 fixed back-end maps, suppressed unused Google maps related methods
version 0.6.11 map and chart size in px or %;  fixed overview map display; fixed map filter (by user)
   version 0.6.10 allow Jtext in category description, move JTEXT from com_jtg_additional.ini to com_jtg_common.ini
version 0.6.9 minor change (all php files header)
version 0.6.7 install, uninstall scripts improved, uploads ands cats folder moved to /images/jtrackgallery
version 0.6.6 implemented: server update, uninstall script, preflight method
version 0.6.3 fix some back-end issues, overview map and users geoposition, implement update server
   0.6.3 implement update server
version 0.6.2 fix some back-end issues, overview map and users geoposition
version 0.6.2 fix some back-end issues, overview map and users geoposition
implemented stylesheet override, map navtoolbar, fullscreen
renamed osm method and function, osm_ xxx name corrected to jtg_xxx (3)
===== 0.6 (July 6th 2013) ===== 
Version 0.6.0 fix licence , author in files header
Version 0.6.0 first push on master branch
set version number to 0.6.0
Initial commit
June 23 2014








New: J!TrackGallery is now Joomla 3.x compliant
New: removed deprecated JRequest::getCmd() JRequest::getVar() and class JElement
New: layerswitcher cssImage name are no longer converted to lowercase
New: removed non existing jomcomments commenting plugin support
Fixed: Using Jcomments when Jcomment is not installed now raised an error message

Injoosm ChangeLog

This information is a copy of original injooosm changelog

0.4.10 beta

    New: Approach deactivatable and choosable
    New: Elevation- and Speed Graphs are now disengageable
    New: Help-system in backend established. It links online to injooosm-wiki
    New: Maps (Mapnik, Osmarender, ...) manageable in backend
    New: Easy approach with external links only (google, osm, ...) (in progress)
    New: Templatesystem enhanced
    New: Global css deleted and content moved to template-css
    New: Every segment of single Trackview is gettable via anchorlink
    New: Caticons are shown in Frontend->Categories
    Term must be in section injooosm and category term
    Bugfix: Searchfield in Frontend->Files
    Bugfix: Comments in Frontend are correctly shown, cloaked with image, and with www-image
    New: missing tables in db become created automatically, easy for upgrades
    Bugfix: now is possible to upload images for file in backend
    New: images for files are shown in backend/files and frontend/edit_file
    Bugfix: Versions 0.4.8 and 0.4.9 damaged in installation- and ppdateproces

0.4.7 beta

Categoryicon are shown in overviewmap instead of standardmarker
    Bugfix: "New File" problem
    Bugfix: Terrain Listings Formating (it's necessary to edit existing files, that are in more as in one terrains)
    Bugfix: Registered/Unregistered behaviour in Overview
    Bugfix: ' and " are now allowed in discription

0.4.4b Beta

    Installationsroutine now available to update and 100% to remove
    Own Geoposition can be stored, as you can find other users in near
    Import from joomGPStracks file available (with pictures, but without comments and votes)
    If categorypicture given, thisone is show instead of standardicon (max. 26Pixel, otherwise it will be scaled)
    Google deleted from configurationmenu
    Own icons in WP-files are shown (in case they exists - files can be added)
    Update from itself (0.4.4 -> 0.4.4) makes impossible to reinstall or delete injooosm
    Calculate of averagespeed are correct

0.4.3 Beta

Bugfixes only

0.4.2 Beta

The first version of injooosm with the number 0.4.2 beta equals technical the last version 0.4.1 from joomGPSTracks with my extension F.

New to 0.4.1:

    Integration of OpenStreetMap
    Waypoints without tracks are accepted
    and many more...
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