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Tasks lists (TODO TOTEST...)

This page presents current and future work of the project team:

Page updated on March 30th 2015. J!TrackGallery package 0.9.9

Not tested or not rewritten

multiples uploads (backend): code need improvment
comments: not rewritten
tracks with Waypoints: not rewritten
tracks with geocache: not rewritten

TODO & bugs

Task todo progress
Caching bug: when caching tracks, after updating one track, the map is no longer displayed (OSM_GetTile.js is not loaded)
Openlayers: integrated OL js in the component, consider upgrading to Openlayers 3-
Add migrate from Injooosm feature to installation processTODO
add a background while tile are loading (fuulscreen toggling) -
TCX GPS tracks not supported -
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