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SSL 4 years 2 months ago #166

Hi, I've switched my homepage on SSL. I think since I have no map. The map is no longer displayed. What can you do? If I uninstall gtrack Gallery and reinstall, will my data be gone?

Maybe can you help me Yes?


Best regards

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SSL 4 years 2 months ago #167

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Using secured HTTPS connection is sometime necessary but can result in "mixed type content" and the content can be blocked by some browser for safety reasons. The problem is explained in developer.mozilla.org/fr/docs/S%C3%A9curit%C3%A9/MixedContent

Most reliable solution: configure your SSL component so that:
  • ALL J!Trackgallery pages don't use SSL
  • or activate SSL only on those pages needing secured access

other solutions

1- There is a temporary solution, not suitable for users which must individually configure their browser (allowing to see that your data are not lost!).
2- Switch all http to https in the component

3- Switch all http to https in the component and used local copies of external libraries

Solution 1: (see screen copy below)
  • browse the https blocked page
  • on top of the page clic on the ! before the url
  • there click right arrow
  • activate "Disable protection for now"
The trouble is that any user will have to do that .. for Each J!TrackGallery track.

Solution 1: In the present case, it appears that these URL are not converted to https:
  • dev.openlayers.org
  • fonts.googleapis.com
  • openlayers.ORG
  • openstreetmaps.COM
  • maps.google.com
  • highcharts.com
  • translate.google.com
Some are used by J!TrackGallery, other are used by other components (translate.google.com)
Some can be converted to http request, but some server as openlayers.org don't accept https.
AS a conclusion, converting all URL to HTTPS is not straighforward!

Solution 3:
if All external libraries can be included in the component (in the website server), the corresponding url can be swiched to HTTPS. Unfortunately this feature is not yet implemented in J!TrackGallery. I will try to implement this solution as soon as possible.


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