Download J!Track Gallery

J!Track Gallery package 0.9.x beta versions 

  • the present packages can be test on production site.


0.9.x Package    (Component + 2 Modules + 1 plugin)

Note about server update: if you installed a previous version (0.9.7 and below) automatic update may fail due to the fact that newer version is a package (component + modules) whilst older version only included the component. In that case simply manually update from the link to the last version, you will be notified for future update.


J!TrackGallery now include 2 Modules and 1 plugin (0.9.22)

  • JTrackGallery_latest  (shows latest track(s) in Static GoogleMap) 
  • JTrackGallery_stats  (shows statistics about tracks number distance....)
  • JTrackGallery_maps allows for inserting one map in any article.


InJooOSM users,

read migrate from InJooOSM before install 


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