Bug report, Feature request

Bug Tracking

The only uptodate information about bug is to be found on J!TrackGallery github repro.Github will provide and easy way to find bugs already reported and advices about workaround. 

Reporting bugs on Github

In order to provide easy tracking of bugs, We prefer that you use our GitHub repro to report bugs:

Using GitHub requires that you Register.

Reporting bugs on J!TrackGallery forum

If you prefer using our forum (registration required too), you can post bug reports there. Meanwhile, I will try to push these bug reports to Github for better tracking.


Features request

I'm the only J!TrackGallery "developper" so I feel I will not be able to implement new features and correct bugs.Do not ask too much!

GitHub can be used for features request (Github).

Up to now, I used a wiki page for all requests mainly coming from myself. I will try to move this to GitHub