Welcome to J!TrackGallery

Account Creation on jtrackgallery.net

Since December 29th 2016, the registration process which was bugged is now working.


 J!Track Gallery RC

  • 0.9 and previous version have been used for testing and debuging. Thanks to Filip (Polish Translation) and Claude (bugs report) and Christopher (Grmran translation to come). 
  • 0.9 can be used to test on J!2.5 & J!3.x production site:
    • some features remain untested (commenting system, geocache tracks).
    • Some features need further coding (TCX GPS file not supported).
  • JTrackGallery 1.0 version for J!2.5 & J!3.x will be released in April 2015.

On line demo

  • The demo sites (Joomla 2.5 and 3.x)  always use the  latest J!Track Gallery
  • Joomla 2.5 demo can be tested in backend and frontend (user accounts provided)

 J!TrackGallery history

 J!TrackGallery component is based on previous open source, GNU/GPL V2 works:

  • Injooosm Web (Joomla 1.5): Original Author Christian Knorr
  • Joomgpstracks  (demo link no longer working): Original Author Michael Pfister
  • mod_injooosm_latest: Original Author Michael Pfister - Modded By Jason Oxley
  • mod_injooosm_stats: Original Author Michael Pfister - Modded By Jason Oxley

The project was renamed from Injooosm to J!TrakGallery, however it is important to note quite all the code was already written by previous authors and fully functionnal under Joomla 1.5. 

Congratulation to Christian Knorr and Michael Pfister for their great work.

Participate to project development

  • join us on GitHub
  • report bugs, translate, propose enhancement.... (please use the forum or Github at your convenience)